So many of our customers ask how Denise and I came up with the idea for producing our rosewater. I hope you are sitting comfortably, in fact, why not make a cup of my new recipe Ordinary, not ordinary! Hot Chocolate/Mocha,  and I’ll begin…

Back in March 20019, outside the school gates one afternoon, waiting for my young children to emerge, I got to chatting with another mother who made natural skincare products with essential oils. Bemoaning the availability of organic rose oil and its price, she mentioned it cost more by weight than gold. On my return home, as my car peaked over the rise of our drive and I surveyed our clay rich fields and rural homestead, I had my epiphany: “I will grow roses, produce rose oil and make a business of it.”

Having bought and planted 6 of the most fragrant rose plants available I started my research and what I found took me, in my naivety, by surprise. You need acres and acres of roses to produce the tiniest amount of rose essential oil and, despite Britain’s long heritage and association with roses, rose oil isn’t really produced here in the UK at all!

Strangely undeterred, I told my husband’s secretary, Denise Jones, all about my vision for a fragrant future. Later that evening I received an enormous email full of ideas and thoughts about how the business could evolve: Denise had the rose bug and, sensing her passion and creativity, I instinctively knew I should offer her to be my business partner. Luckily for me she was up for it! We agreed that we would see our business as a journey, not a means to an end, and that it should be fun-filled, creative and maintain a work life balance. Lives already full to the brim: for me with young children and for Denise with her love of horses, existing job and husband’s love of classic cars.

Petals of the Valley was born, and we embarked …. the rest is a story for another day.


Best wishes, Desdemona


PS:  it’s Harvest Festival time, a big thank you to the bounty of our roses and our loyal customers here in the UK and all over the world.