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Recipes & Ideas

Rose water recipes and ideas

Sweet Recipes

  • Rose water was originally the flavouring of choice before vanilla came along, so wherever you see vanilla you can probably use rosewater: cupcakes, puddings or scones or add it to eggy bread (French Toast).
  • Rose water brings out the flavour in summer and autumn fruits: strawberries, melon, plums or peaches.
  • Add rose water at the last minute to fruit compotes.
  • Spray into drinks: cocktails, gin & tonic, lemonade, champagne, sparkling and still water.
  • Add it to meringues, see the recipe below for Denise’s Soft-hearted meringues.
  • Add it to whipped cream to serve with chocolate tart or cake.
  • It’s delicious as part of a rice pudding.

Savoury recipes

  • Rose water goes well with lamb and chicken in biryanis and tagines, stirred into rice or simply served in yoghurt with grilled lamb cutlets. We encourage you to surf the net for recipes, every top chef and more seems to use this wonderful ingredient.

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