Pure Rose Water

Not all rose waters are the same; pure, natural rose water, with all its benefits, should only be made from roses and water.

Petals of the Valley artisan Welsh Rosewater is really very special because:

  • It is made only from natural ingredients; we use our own pure spring water and highly fragrant roses grown on our farm.

  •  This single-estate source of roses means that supplies of Welsh Rosewater are limited.

  • It contains no preservatives.

  • The roses are steam distilled once unlike industrially produced rosewater which may have been distilled up to 7 times to extract the maximum amount of rose oil.

  • It is distilled in batches in a traditional copper still and matured in glass demi-johns.

  • It is bottled in exclusive biophotonic violet glass, which has proven benefits both of preservation and bio-energy. (www.mironglass.com).

  • Our roses are grown using organic methods – no pesticides or herbicides. We use companion planting and encourage a rich bio-diversity.

  • It’s fragrant and delicious.

Our small batch rose water is produced for you, using only 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives.

We believe this is how rose water should be; the only ingredients we use are fresh, pure spring water from our spring in the Welsh hills and roses grown to organic principles on our own farm.

These natural ingredients are then placed into our traditional copper still and distilled in small batches; they are distilled only once to create premium rosewater of which we are very proud. The rose water is then matured in glass demijohns before being bottled in exclusive violet glass, meaning it reaches you unadulterated, with the minimum of processing. Simple, natural and rich in its own rose essential oil.

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