I love a rich, velvet, creamy Hot Chocolate as much as the next person but I don’t want one every day and nor does my waistline. I do want a daily hot drink, but I am not a fan of tea, and coffee is too much for me though I like the flavour. Ergo, here is an everyday, ordinary drink, refreshing and reviving, not thirst-making and filling. Totally delicious and a treat too!


Ingredients to make 1 cup:

4 cubes of Green and Black’s 70% Organic Cooking Chocolate*

Boiling water

Shot of coffee/espresso (optional) – can be a spoonful of instant instead and decaffeinated works well too

¼ tsp sugar (golden or white) or to taste

A splash of milk of any sort or more to taste

2 drops of Rosewater (I have chosen Alba Maxima Welsh Rosewater as I like its lighter citrus fragrance and flavour but any of our rosewaters would do).


Pop the chocolate and sugar in the cup, add the coffee shot if using, add boiling water to make up to ¾ of the cup. Stir well to ensure chocolate is completely melted and incorporated. Splash in your milk. The milk is important here because it stops the chocolate from separating. At the last minute, stir in the rosewater.

Remember to drink to the last drop as its more chocolaty at the bottom!

*Having experimented with lots of chocolate, I have found that Green & Black’s Cooking Chocolate has the right amount of chocolate flavour with a sharpness that keeps it from being sickly and it’s not at all greasy. Though any dark 70% chocolate would do.