A delicious, easy to make, pink and fruity cocktail or mocktail made with strawberries, rosé and rosewater as featured in facebook – Petals of the Valley.

Serves 2


3 medium strawberries frozen or fresh

1 tablespoon pink grapefruit juice (squeeze from a fresh grapefruit)

2 tablespoons rosé wine + extra (or pink lemonade)

2 tsp sugar

¼ tsp rose water (Welsh Rosewater – Rosa Damascena) + an extra spritz

2 tablespoons crushed ice plus extra dependent on size of glass

1 passion fruit


Blitz the ingredients in a food or smoothie processor, pour into two small tumblers or cocktail glasses, top up with rosé wine and extra crushed ice. Stir. Cut open the passion fruit and drizzle half the juice and pips over each drink. Spritz with a tiny amount of rosewater and serve.