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Rosewater for ceremonies, rituals and spirituality

Welsh Rosewater is the holy grail of rosewaters produced with passion by Desdemona Freeman and Denise Jones whose intention is for whoever uses it to gain by it, be it in mind, body or spirit.

In so many religions, modern spirituality, paganism and civilisations, the rose and rosewater in particular were, and are today, used in ceremonies and rituals for special occasions and daily practices.


Roses have the highest vibration (electronic frequency) of all the flowers and their scent is closely associated with deities and angels. Be it sprayed in the air, sprinkled or mixed with other ingredients, rosewater is used for cleansing and connecting with the highest energies and with the heart.


If you were to choose a rosewater that is perfect for this type of use, surely it would be:


  • Made from roses grown on a family farm, to organic principles, in harmony with nature and the seasons in a beautiful rural location in fertile, untainted soil which is blessed with clean, refreshing rain.

  • Artisan distilled slowly and carefully using a traditional copper still and spring water.

  • Bottled whole - with no rose oil removed or added ingredients.

  • Left in glass (never plastic) demijohns in cool stone barns to mature, allowing the alchemy of time to transform it.

  • Re-bottled in very special violet biophotonic glass bottles which retain and preserve the rosewater's bio-energy.

  • Filtered and foodsafe.

Available in 30ml and 100ml bottles, with an optional fine mist spray. Also available in gift packs and a fine mist spray.

IMG_0018 white roses

White roses are associated with purity and holiness.



Pink roses are associated with gratitude and peace