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What else is rose water used for?

For centuries, in many civilisations, rosewater has been used as a medicine, in skincare and haircare and whilst some traditional uses have petered out rosewater and rose essential oil continue to be a key ingredient in high end skincare brands.  Preperations where a preservative is added to keep a long shelf life and make it last for for months once opened.


If you trawl the internet you can find plenty of ideas and recipes for using rose water for yourself in these more traditional ways.


We produce our rose water to the very highest standards and that is why we are proud to have achieved approval for food use. Our methods produce a quality of rosewater that is second to none. Rich in its own natural rose oil (4 times more than other quality brands).


We believe that not only this level of quality but also our rose water's beautiful fresh fragrance is why so many of our customers use it.




Not all rosewaters are the same, we recommend you check the ingredients on the label. Our ingredients are fragrant roses distilled with spring water, nothing more, nothing less.


Being preservative free does mean that you must use our rosewater within 3 months of opening.