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The Monnow Valley, near Skenfrith, Monmouthshire is home to Petals of the Valley. Here we grow fragrant roses and the companion plants that help our roses thrive such as calendula, mignonette, lavender, rosemary and garlic.


We take an organic approach, intervening as little as possible, encouraging plants to self seed and naturalise. We think that this, together with unspoilt soil, fresh air and refreshing Welsh rain, is why our fields are teeming with wildlife and our plants flourish.


We are Denise Jones and Desdemona Freeman, and we founded Petals of the Valley with the seemingly impossible aim of making pure welsh rose otto essential oil.  As it turns out, we have produced the most delightful, rose oil rich, fragrant rosewater of which we are so proud we no longer intend to make rose oil!

About us

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